Mark starts teaching at Falmouth University and Oxford Brookes.

Although Mark is sad to be leaving Plymouth University after teaching there since 2003,   he is delighted to be taking up his new post as an associate lecturer at Falmouth University where he was previously visiting lecturer.

Mark has also been appointed to teach at Oxford Brookes supporting the technical module of post graduate Design Studio 1 for a few days this year.

At Falmouth Uni, Mark has been leading the Second Year students through the detailed design and technical resolution of their proposals for a Wild Nursery at Eden. This is sweetly timed for cross-fertilisation with Innes Architects’ on-going design for St Wenn School, and our  award-winning Boscastle Pre-School has provided another useful learning tool for the students. True to form, the students have each produced unique and inspiring proposals to show to the lovely Eden Education team who Falmouth University have partnered with for this project.

To know more about our projects and our pratice have a look at our website.



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