Rural school in Cornwall: Classroom extension recently submitted for Detailed Planning Approval.

We are really excited to have submitted a detailed planning application for an extension for St Wenn School.

The School has expanded piece-meal over the years, and the internal organisation has suffered from this, leaving the school with  a critical problem of inflexible and insufficient space. After several design iterations in consultation with the School, we have arrived at a proposal designed to unlock the building’s teaching restrictions, placing the classroom alongside the Main Hall teaching space and providing sufficient connections to allow the spaces to be used together or seperately, maximising possibilities for varied teaching environments.

Integrating the new classroom with the existing school has been a great challenge, the School has a wonderful facade typical of a village school which we needed to place our extension directly in front of [not our original desire]. The extension has been thought as a contemporary reflection of the existing building, the design based on a projection of the gabled facade and the sophisticated rythm of the windows within it. A strip of glass links the two buildings, allowing day-light to the existing Main Hall whilst the roof folds up into a central pitched vault in line with the main gable, the strongest feature of the existing facade.

The cantilever of the proposed roof creates a welcoming new space : an open gallery running around three sides of the new classroom, allowing the kids to protect themselves from the unpredictable Cornish weather whilst enjoying fresh air and the beauty of St Wenn’s rolling hills.

Interior perspective - St Wenn school + sky.PNG

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