Congratulations to Dan for his CarbonLite Retrofit certification from the AECB.

Being a proactive architectural practice, our philosophy is to continually improve and ensure we are up to date on the latest building science, and academic research from within the industry. We are therefore always willing to push ourselves to expand our knowledge toward a more ecological and responsible approach to our architectural projects.

Following this, 6 months ago Dan started a course with the AECB – the Association for Environment Conscious Building – focused on retrofitting existing buildings. After much dedicated study, he has been  recently been awarded the certification being one of only 14 students to have successfully completed the course in the UK.

The course’s aim is to expand architectural designers expertise on critical technical subjects that have often been problematic in the retrofit of existing buildings. These include: understanding existing typical building construction and vernacular materials, robust insulation and ventilation strategies, understanding the complex physics of moisture transfer and interstitial condensation risks associated with retrofit, and the direct and indirect benefits of robust retrofit, including improved energy efficiency, user comfort and building maintenance benefits.



To know more about our projects and our pratice have a look at our website.


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