CPD Morning at Cornwall Council about the new Cornwall Local Plan.

The 11th of January was a busy day for two fellows in our office. Indeed Dan and Olivia have been not to one, but to two different CPDs (Continuing Professional Development)! Impressive!  Both of the meetings were to update our [already pretty full]understanding of planning and detailing.

The long morning session was the CC (Cornwall Council) Planning Agents’ Forum. Nearly one third of the Agenda were questions that Innes Architects had put forward for discussion about the  new Cornwall Local Plan.

So what was is a Local Plan and what is it doing for us? Adopted on the 22nd of November 2016, this new plan will be valid up to 2030. Here is what you can find on the Cornwall Council website :  “The Local Plan for Cornwall will set out a vision for growth and identify the quantity and broad location and key sites, for new housing, community facilities, shops and employment. Its policies will be the basis for planning decisions.”

The Council advised that they will be publishing further Guidance on particular aspects of the Plan, Let’s hope that they will highlight the importance of a robust design process as the basis for Sustainable Development in line with the training that we delivered for the Planning Committee on behalf of the RIBA.

Here’s some random facts taken from the new Cornwall Local Plan :

Over 40% of the population of Cornwall live in settlements of less than 3,000 people.

76% (as at 2014) of Cornwall’s population and (414,466) are of working age(2011).

To support the delivery of 38,000 jobs over the plan period the target of 422,400 sq m of employment floorspace has been provided.

We will talk about the other CPD that happened the same day in this post.

To know more about our projects and our pratice have a look at our website.

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