Passivhaus window detailing and saving water CPD.

As we blogged earlier this month, Dan and Olivia have participated in two different CPD (Continuing Professional Development) sessions on the same day.

The second one took place at Arco2 Architects and was delivered by the Green Building Store, the two main subjects were : ‘Windows in a passivhaus’ and ‘how to save water’.

Firstly, let’s have a look at what a passivhaus is : ” Passivhaus is the world’s leading standard in energy-efficient construction. The Passivhaus Standard stands for quality, comfort and energy efficiency. Passivhauses require very little energy to achieve a comfortable temperature year round, making conventional heating and air conditioning systems obsolete.” To know more about the criterias of a passivhaus, have a look at the International Passive House Association website.

The really interesting part of the speech, was about detailing in passivhaus and the importance of the position of the insulation in relation with the windows. Talking about the type of window, its form, the design and the position of it, and the impact that all these details make to the performance of the whole house.

Windows CPD-50.JPG

For instance, those three windows are showing the importance of detailing in architecture. Indeed, even if the middle option seems to be like a notebook, you can observe that the efficiency of the setting is quite bad. It’s this attention to detail that creates a great design and shows how much attention to detail is crucial. A good exemple of this would be when we built Mark’s house.

Mark's house detail window.jpg

Here’s an example of some windows in Mark’s house. So as to avoid cold bridges, a bit of foam is inserted between the frame and the plywood so as to prevent the formation of condensation. The window is lined up with the thermal envelop so as be thermally efficient, this setting makes the window more elegant by hiding a part of the frame.

They also highlighted a really interesting product : an airflush waterless urinal. The idea of aiming for a careful use of our resources is really important to us as architects and human beings. So this option of lowering our impact was very exiting, this kind of system could have a beneficial impact, particularly in commercial buildings.

This CPD was one of the many Continuing Professional Developments we do in order to always be at the forefront of Architectural Practice. For another example have a look at Dan’s certification on Eco Retrofitting.

To know more about our projects and our pratice have a look at our website.

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